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API for Distributors

This section will guide you through the most relevant information on how to use our API to be able to show information about an insurance product, create quotes, subscribe to policies and manage payments.


Business Rule Engine

If you are an insurer or an insurance broker, our Business Rule Engine allows a no-code experience. Want to send an email after a policy is issued or get information on an open policy? Whatever technologies are used by your systems, we guarantee full integration capabilities with zero lines of code.

JSON and restful API

We make it simple. We use simple Restful and JSON-based APIs to guarantee a quick and simple integration. Are you up to more advanced integrations? Our webhooks and MQTT protocols

will provide you the real-time information you need.


IoT for real-time

Our platform was designed to be compatible with any third-party system, including IoT. Whether you are integrating with a new connected device or implementing assistance logic built on top of a smoke or intrusion alarm, you’ll find in Habit’s platform the easiest ways to build IoT related insurance products and services.

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