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Launching Fast with a Digital-First Pet Insurance Solution

Pet shelters and charities are now seeing an unprecedented increase in pet adoption now that the COVID-19 pandemic has confined people to staying isolated at home. If you can help the community and get some companionship along the way it makes for a perfect match. But caring for a pet requires much care and attention, not to mention the cost of veterinary care. This is why it’s the perfect time for insurers to launch a pet insurance solution and overcome the challenges of legacy systems and infrastructures with a complete digital-first solution.

At Habit we empower insurers with the technology to start, enable and scale fast. Offering a complete insurance ecosystem under one fully-customised white label app - we make insurance a seamless, effortless and a fun experience. Insurers today must recognise that digital innovation is key to winning customers and creating new revenue streams.

Increase Sales Productivity

Increase your sales through paperless or a call centre free experience and have your customers buy a policy through a click of a button with an easy to follow buying cycle. Make it clear using simple policy language and policy summaries to break down the barriers of the traditional insurance. By making it easier to understand what your policy does or does not cover means quicker decisions are made on upgrading a policy, additional policy coverage, renewing faster and cross-selling services from a network of trusted partners.

Improve Underwriting and Lower Claims

By understanding the behaviour of your customer and the asset you are protecting you are able to mitigate risk, encourage responsible pet ownership and provide customers with an insurance premium that reflects the reality of the asset you are protecting. A dog age is the number one factor to assess risk but the granularity of the data you get from this app brings more insights in real time, such as information collected from the customer, veterinary records, data from pet trackers or smart feeders to create business rules that trigger adjustments to how you underwrite. Why not reward customers with a lower premium if they have all pet vaccines up-to-date? Or send a reminder of the next vet appointment? You can directly lower claims by providing a care plan and really be there for your customer. We believe pet insurance must be up to par with the responsibilities that come with pet ownership and what our solution delivers is exactly that.

Make Claims Simple

Reduce the operational cost and time it takes to process claims by using Habits in-built digital reporting channel of submitting a claim through an image or video. Make the process of claiming simple by using our smart tools and relieve service centres with chat bots. You can further automate the process by incorporating veterinary reports directly and reducing fraudulent claims.

Customer Experience Enhancement

Price is a differentiator but so is data. Be intuitive and provide a service that adapts to the day. Improve how you communicate with customers and embrace a competitive edge over your competitors. If you know a customer is likely to be going on holiday why not send them a list of nearby pet hotels or local pet sitters? If the latest claim made was due to pet obesity, offer a discount voucher for healthier pet foods or suggest pet activity centres to improve pet health and prolong life. Proactively leverage communication that adds value for a great service that goes beyond traditional insurance. Habit Analytics makes it easy for insurers to define what are the important data points and use this data to translate into actions, thereby leveraging meaningful communication with the customer.

Speed to Market

Digital Innovation and speed to market must come hand in hand when embracing an opportunity. You can define and launch a new pet insurance solution with Habits technology in a matter of just a few weeks with the ability to scale up across both motor and home insurance. A complete hybrid ecosystem of a customer's pet, home and motor insurance policies in one place.

At Habit we are proud to announce the recent launch of SAVA Pet Insurance in Slovenia - The first of its kind with a complete network of trusted veterinarians and pet shops within one app for the Slovenian market.

See how customers can buy a policy, manage coverage, submit a claim, activate pet tracking and see valuable content on pet care plans and offers with trusted partners and much more.

Request a free demo and we will provide a full breakdown of our product capabilities and see how your digital pet insurance product can look like.

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