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Insurance Products That Go Beyond Traditional Insurance

What if… you could anticipate risk in real time?

What if… claims resolution took half of the time?

What if… you could launch your insurance product faster?

At Habit Analytics, we help you launch your digital and IoT-based insurance product. Our modular platform connects Internet of Things devices with services and wraps it into beautifully-designed mobile apps that keep your customers safe and engaged.

Supported by our technology, Allianz launched Allianz Safe Home to protect homes in France against domestic risks. Our platform connects smoke detectors of any brand to a rapid response team chosen by Allianz. Should smoke be detected, the team alerts the customer through a smartphone app and will send out a rescue team if no feedback is given by the customer.

“Every year in France, there are 11 million accidents of everyday life that have serious consequences for 250,000 household fires. It is in this segment that we want to act and Habit Analytics will help us do just that.” — Allianz France.

In addition to this, Allianz Safe Home customers can also connect other smart devices to the mobile app that they can manage from a distance, such as cameras, motion detectors, trackers, etc. The mobile app is designed so that customers can stay safe while always connected to their insurance company.

Are you looking to launch your own connected product?

We can help you create digital products for:

  • Home insurance

  • Motor insurance

  • Pet insurance

Get a free demo now! Our Product Specialists will get back to you in no time.

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