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Innovate the way you sell insurance with the right technology platform

Choosing the right insurance product for your customers and integrating with insurers more often than not present some challenges. The process may take time and includes:

  • Vetting the market for insurance product features that are price competitive to the product customers are purchasing

  • Ensuring the policy includes the coverage features that your customers want

  • Making sure an effective customer service channel for policy management and claims submission are in place - and that does not bring your customers coming back to complain.

  • The resources and expertise for an integration of the insurance product within your ecosystem, be that in-store or online.

  • Not have full visibility on the customer experience with the lifetime of the insurance product

Each time yearly renewals come up or when change occurs, this process starts from scratch. This can force brands to settle with the limitations of the traditional insurance landscape as the right insurance product alone does not necessarily result in the best solution for the customer or result in meaningful conversion of policyholders.

What if you could establish a reliable platform standard, natively digital, to your brand and be able to adapt to any insurance product while keeping the desired customer journey intact everytime?

Habit technology and insurance products provide your brand with autonomy over the customer insurance experience and a framework that offers:

  • Frictionless platform which allows for a seamless integration with insurance products thereby reducing costs to the distributor channel

  • Agnostic to any insurer

  • Omni-channel for a digital end-to-end customer journey across all interfaces so you can apply insurance products without taking away or changing the customer experience

  • Embedded insurance journeys that offer personalised customer propositions

  • An agile platform that delivers change quickly to help brands stay competitive, and continuously tune products and pricing to fit the needs of end customers

  • On-demand and tailored insurance products with flexible payment methods.

Habits creates the right framework for innovative insurance solutions that delivers an unique customer experience for optimised sales potential.

Contact us and see how we can change the way you adopt insurance into your ecosystem.

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