Digital Pet Insurance Solutions, deployed in weeks

Pet Insurance

Reinvent Pet Insurance with Services

We believe pet insurance must be up to par with the responsibilities that owning a pet brings.

Providing great services and a digital channel is the first step.

Pet Networks

Build your own network of providers so customers can book appointments in the Vet for their pets, book pet day care or buy food from your preferred partners.

Care Plans

Prolong the life of pets by providing advice and up-sell and more policy coverages and other products to improve pet health and safety.

Pet Claims

Get.a full report of a pet claim submitted by your customer directly through the app with image and video support.

Connected Pet

Get extra insights on the pet's health with connected devices. Let your customers pair pet trackers, feeders or activity monitors.

A New Digital Era for Pets

Our quick-to-deploy white-label solution enables you to offer

 pet owners insurance they can access and manage on-the-go.

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On top of each of your use case, add any of our readily-available features to your solution: the setup of a Network of Pet Service Providers, a Pet Claims form, an Alerts and Suggestions menu, and the option to Buy a Policy and Add Coverages

Why Habit?



Quick Go-To-Market

Launch your pet insurance solution within a few weeks. Our out-of-the-box features and flexibility to adapt to your requirements will help you get up and running faster.



Lower Claims Ratio

Increase the lifetime of pets with customized alerts and suggestions and prevent pet issues from happening. Real-time data coming from connected devices like pet trackers or activity monitors helps you get better insights into the pet's health. 



Insurance Defined by You

You are still responsible to create price rates and underwriting and the type of policies and coverage sold. We will show your customers what's been defined by you.



Insurance Portal

A beautiful portal designed with insurers in mind. Find policy details, customer information, and real-time data pertaining to your pet insurance solution, such as number of claims submitted, pet care plans, Vet directories, etc.



Digital Experience

Bring your pet insurance to mobile and create a paperless experience, with information readily available to your customers anytime, anywhere. Enjoy better customer reviews with a better customer service.



Cost Effective

Our pet insurance is scalable. We support smaller pilots and work alongside you when it's time to scale. Our pet insurance solution guarantees good value for money.

Your Business, Your Rules

You define how you want your Pet Insurance product to look like.

We back you up with incredible technology.


  • Create your own business rules and notifications

  • Set up coverages and price rates

  • Send reminders when veterinary vaccines are due

  • Alert when an insurance policy is due

  • Send out suggestions for a pet health care plan

  • Lower claims ratios by preventing claims with preventable pet issues

  • Cross-sell services from your local partners 

Connected Pet Module

Adding a connected pet device to your pet insurance solution helps you get more insights on the pet's health and understand the real risk it represents.

We work well with:

Smart Pet Trackers

Smart Cameras

Smart Pet Feeders

Smart Activity Monitors


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