Digital Motor Insurance Solutions, deployed in weeks

Motor Insurance

Reinvent Motor Insurance with Pay-per-Mile

 Motor insurance is undergoing an unprecedented change.

Drivers are looking to pay for the real risk they represent on the road and insurers need to keep up with the demand to stay relevant.

Pay per Distance

Roadside Assistance

Motor Claims

Connected Cars

Let drivers pay only for what they drive and a small annual fee to cover the risks of having the car parked. 

Customers can ask for help from your assistance provider at the touch of a button and get located for faster support.

Get a full report of a motor claim submitted by your customer directly through the app with image & video.

Track your drivers' distance directly from a connected car or with an OBD-II connected to the car's port.

Digital-First Motor Insurance

Our quick-to-deploy white-label solution enables you to offer

insurance to drivers that they can access and manage on-the-go.

Why Habit?



Quick Go-To-Market

Launch your motor insurance solution within a few weeks. Our out-of-the-box features and flexibility to adapt to your requirements will help you get up and running faster. You can track distance with a connected car or by enabling self-reporting with a video of the odometer reading.



Flexible Distance Tracking

You define how you want distance to be tracked. Our technology works well with OBD-II devices, connected cars and also hosts pictures that can be taken of the odometer reading every once in a while.



Insurance Portal

A beautiful portal designed with insurers in mind. Find policy details, customer information, and real-time data pertaining to the car, such as distance driven, price rates, claims and policy information.



Digital Experience

Bring your motor insurance to mobile and create a paperless experience, with information readily available to your customers anytime, anywhere. Enjoy better customer reviews with a better customer service.



Lower Claims Ratio

We work well with connected cars. Understand real-time exposure to risk and overall car health with a connected solution. Increase the lifetime of cars with customized alerts and suggestions and prevent motor damages and accidents from happening.



Cost Effective

Our motor insurance solution is scalable. We support smaller pilots and work alongside you when it's time to scale. Our motor insurance solution guarantees good value for money.

Flexible Car Insurance Solutions

We believe distance driven is a major risk factor. However, you may want to enable different services and usage-based insurance formats. The data points you gather and how you do it is up to you.


Drivers pay their premium only for what they drive and a small annual fee that covers the risks of having the car parked. 


Drivers pay their premiums based on their performance behind the wheel. Offer rewards to the good ones!

Mobile Insurance

Let drivers see and manage their regular insurance policy and book appointments, all from their phones!

On top of each of these modules, add any of our readily-available features to your solution: a Roadside Assistance form, a Motor Claims form, a Network of Providers and the option to Buy a Policy and Add Coverages

Your Business, Your Rules

You define how you want your Motor Insurance product to look like.

We back you up with incredible technology.


  • Create your own business rules and notifications

  • Set up coverages and price rates

  • Send reminders when car services are due

  • Alert when an insurance policy is due

  • Send out suggestions for better habits on the road

  • Lower claims ratios by preventing claims with preventable car issues

  • Cross-sell services from your local partners 

Connected Motor Module

Adding connectivity to your motor insurance solution helps you get more insights on the car and the driver and understand the real risk they represent.

We work well with:

  • OBD-II dongles

  • Connected Cars


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