Cars around the world are parked.

Launch a motor insurance solution where your customers pay only when they drive.

Let customers keep their policy conditions

Price your premiums according to distance driven

Offer control and transparency to your customer

When commuting resumes, the dynamic pricing will continue to offer drivers the best options to meet their needs

Habit Creates Insurance Products That Go Beyond Insurance



Our insurance products are

designed to influence safer and healthier habits.

Make Accurate Pricing Decisions

Understand your customers'

day-to-day life and customize their insurance policies.

Offer Peace

of Mind

Offer help in real-time

at the touch of a button.

Generate New Customers

Insurers that offer new

services have a higher chance of getting more loyal customers.

Reinvent What Insurance Means to Your Customers

We help you create and launch digital insurance solutions that help you lower claims ratios and increase customer satisfaction in all of these segments.

Home Insurance

Protect homeowners from domestic accidents and provide innovative home services.

Motor Insurance

Understand the behavior of your customers on the road and the car’s overall health.

Pet Insurance

Make sure that the four-legged members of the family are well taken care of.

Habit Insurance Platform

Our IoT platform enables connected insurance solutions with a modular approach. Choose your insurance use cases, pick the vendors you want to work with and add policy management features.

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White-Label App

Launch your own mobile app in just a few weeks with the Habit Selfcare, a multi-function management tool designed for the specific needs of the insurance industry.

Data Privacy

We take a "privacy by design" approach.

The processes we use for collecting and processing data - whether it comes from smartphone sensors, Internet of Things’ devices or contextual data - are compliant with our tier 1 customers’ requirements.

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